Perpetual Prosperity. Proven Performance.

At Valiance Capital, we transform undervalued multifamily real estate into modern, branded assets in California’s most desirable markets. The result? Consistent, sizeable returns for our capital partners.


Imagineering Real Estate, One Property At A Time.

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From the discovery and acquisition of dislocated market opportunities in high-demand, high-growth areas, to aesthetic upscale renovations and hospitality-driven property management; there’s a lot that goes into our proven approach to multifamily real estate investing. To put it plainly, we seek to add value at every step of the investing process, no matter how seemingly insignificant the opportunity. This is what makes our properties so attractive to our residents, and in the end, what’s good for our residents is good for our business.


Deft Decisions. Prudent Process.

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With a single-minded focus on achieving high risk-adjusted returns, we have engineered a vertically integrated approach to real estate investing through our family of companies: Valiance Capital, Bruno Construction, Inc., and The Berkeley Group. This synergy allows us to efficiently capitalize on undervalued opportunities in rapidly expanding, supply-constrained markets with highly-educated and highly-paid populations. Ultimately, our capital partners and stakeholders benefit from this exceptional efficiency, accelerating and amplifying their returns.


Vertical Integration. Compelling Efficiency.

Vertical Integration | Valiance Capital

Data-Driven Analysis & Investment

Through stringent acquisition and investment criteria, and an uncompromising pursuit of opportunity, we deploy calculated risk on overlooked assets that have the potential to sustainably generate above-market risk-adjusted returns over the long haul.

Bruno Construction | Valiance Capital

Bespoke Design & Development

With inspiration from the very best in the boutique hotel industry, our in-house design and construction teams consistently achieve tasteful and modern, top-to-bottom renovations of our acquired assets.

The Berkeley Group | Valiance Capital

Active Portfolio Management

All of our portfolio properties are actively managed with our comprehensive in-house asset and property management teams. This provides real-time optics, and full control of ground-level operations and financials.


Vertical Integration. Compelling Efficiency.


Sustainable Growth. Demonstrated Results.

Since inception in 2010, our company’s portfolio has grown and evolved from a single duplex in Stockton, CA into a multifamily and student housing real estate portfolio worth over $100 million. In the last decade, we have outperformed the market by an average of 17.5% every year, growing explosively from just 2 units in 2010 to 657 total units as of today. With over $215 million in principal transactions executed and an average net annualized return of 24.3%, we continue to leverage our platform to identify market dislocations and scale our growing portfolio and its impact.

Assets Under Management (in millions)


24.3% Average Net
Annualized IRR

2.2x Average Net
Equity Multiple

$100M+ Assets Under

28 Investment

100+ HNW


Obsessively Driven. Relentlessly Determined.

At Valiance Capital, the unrelenting pursuit of perpetual prosperity guides our every waking moment. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and keeps us in the office long after the city has gone to sleep. We’re a team of go-getters—driven and ambitious, entrepreneurial in nature—that understand that the only way to get ahead in this world is through grit, an obsessive work ethic, and relentless persistence. Propelled by financial hardship in our early lives, we realized early on that true success is a marathon, not a sprint, so we’re in this for the long haul.

Valiance Capital - Prospect


The Prospect

Re-imagined and re-defined, Prospect is Valiance Capital’s flagship project that is revolutionizing what student housing can be.

With over 20,000 sf. of luxury living spaces and unrivaled hospitality and amenities, Prospect was transformed from a neglected student-housing property—with few tenants at the time of acquisition— into the premier, up-scale student co-living community within walking distance of UC Berkeley.

Valiance Capital - Prospect
2425 Prospect Patio (Before) | Valiance Capital 2425 Prospect Patio (After) | Valiance Capital
Valiance Capital - The Mattox
The Mattox (Before) | Valiance Capital The Mattox (After) | Valiance Capital


The Mattox

The Mattox is a 57-unit garden-style apartment community acquired by Valiance Capital in 2018, in Hayward, CA a rapidly growing workforce housing market that is experiencing a “spillover effect” of high demand from the surrounding Bay Area communities of Oakland, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley.

Market demand for high quality housing was clear, and Valiance set forth a rebranding and repositioning campaign to meet and exceed modern consumer expectations.


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