FINAL WEBINAR + Q&A 2430 Prospect

Attend our private live webinar to deep dive into our newest investment offering — 2430 Prospect — our student housing thesis, and our business plan.

  • Tue, 9/13

  • 11:00 AM PST

Valiance Capital


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Nhan Nguyen Le, Managing Principal

Nhan Nguyen Le Managing Principal Strategy & Acquistions

Nhan Nguyen Le is the CEO and Managing Principal of Valiance Capital, a real estate investment company with a focus on value-add and ground-up development of student housing and multifamily assets. Nhan brings over 13 years of specialized real estate investment experience with a proven track record of 40 principal-sponsored investments across $275M of execution experience to help others build wealth through tax-efficient real estate investing.


Investment Returns

17.0% Targeted Net
Investor IRR

11.0% Targeted Avg
Cash Yield

2.21x Targeted Net
Equity Multiple

6 Year
Hold Period

68.0% Accelerated
Tax Shelters

Student Housing Investment Thesis


Why Invest In 2430 Prospect?

  • Rare asset, never been sold since it was built over six decades ago, with an irreplaceble location just a minutes walk to UC Berkeley in the most severely supply-constrained student housing market in the nation.

  • Incredibly unknown tax benefits in the form of accelerated depreciation losses equivalent to $0.68 in "phantom" losses per every $1.00 invested.

  • The best public university in the nation with exceptional 45,000 student population which solidify its resiliency as a high-performing asset amidst economic recessions.

  • Best-in class, hyper-local operator who specializes in student housing only in the Berkeley submarket, marking 2430 Prospect as its 20th student housing acquisition in the submarket.

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Valiance Capital

Valiance Capital is a private real estate development and investment firm specializing in student and multifamily housing.

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Valiance Capital
2425 Channing Way Suite B, PMB #820
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Valiance Capital is a real estate development and investment management company specializing in student and multifamily properties.

Access the Highest-Quality
Real Estate Investments

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